Welcome to the Baby Lab!

We are a scientific research team interested in human cognitive development from infancy to early childhood. Our team members include faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, as well as research staff. Our research aims at understanding how we learn remarkable cognitive and social skills as we grow up. To explore these questions, we use infant- and child-friendly research methods, such as eye tracking, neuroimaging, and behavioural testing. We hope that by working together, we can identify the processes that shape human cognitive development and offer empirical proof to help resolve social problems and address impairments brought on by abnormal development.

We would like to thank all the families supporting our research during the past two years, where the global pandemic has impacted our lives in many ways. From the Fall of 2022, our lab officially returns to in-person research, and we are excited to invite families to participate in numerous fun studies! Our lab is located at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON, Canada.

Please free to explore our website to learn more about our research projects and us! Hope we can see you soon!

If you are interested in having your child (aged 0 to 6 years) participate, you can let us know by filling out this short contact form, and we will be in touch shortly.